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Tina Rosario Aldaco Guzmán[1] is a barista who makes the best damn coffee in the Twin Cities at her shop, Mucho Mocha.

After that, it gets complicated: she was the driver[2] who was involved in the accident when Monica ran in front of a bus while fleeing her Doubt demon; the original Tina died[3] on the scene...but her personal demons were left in the body, and took over her shell. The conglomerate decided to open a coffee shop in the Twin Cities, providing wisdom to others. She has no recollection of who she was prior to the accident, but has read records and such; she lived in Miami, and a few newspaper clippings[4] suggest she was the daughter of a drug lord and did not have a happy family life.

Tina had a clock with a key that looks a lot like one of Shelly's clay dolls [5]; Brandi happened to notice that it contained some sort of stiletto knife[6]. It turned out to be important - and we still don't know where she got it. She also has a set of notebooks in some sort of shorthand that spooked Monica when she told her about them, though only because she assumed they were in Glyph; they aren't, and haven't become important.

A Game of Chess - Phix (left), Tina (center), Nudge (right)

Her demons are sometimes[7] visible[8] to others[9] who are aware of supernatural things or by arrangement[10]; her dentation[11] is a bit unusual, like that of the Golem Girls. She always wears a choker, but we're assured that it is because she likes it, not to keep her head from falling off[12].

The collective is smaller than it used to be; one was not like the others, and over time that became obvious[13]. Nudge got dramatically removed[14] by Phix and is now in the Bibliothiki. The rest of Tina is getting along with her life.

Tina has described herself as "a conglomerate of emotional and psychological elements with an entrepreneurial spirit!" [15] She also makes a point of "blowing positive sunshine] up the ass of every patron that's come in."[16]

She is a primary cast member.