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The Golem Girls: Jin, Brandi, and Bud.

Jin (aka Tochtli[1]) - The Timekeeper's Daughter. One of the three Golem Girls, her actions may have been the reason why the creators lost control of the Chimera and nearly destroyed the world in the process. Jin is the snake creature in the chimera, and has snake-like eyes that flash at times.

As Tochtli, she is represented as a black rabbit[2]. She says that her job as Tochtli is to "keep things running smoothly." It was in this role that she was part of a vision quest that Shelly undertook when she was 13[3] - about the same time Monica ran in front of a bus to avoid her demon Doubt. Jin saved Monica[4] but not Tina; fortunately, Tina did not quite stay dead.

Jin: Neither a god nor a demon

Jin's mother Mayahuel was the one who taught Monica the Glyph language; Jin said in a flashback to the accident that her mother trusted Monica with her words, as a way of keeping her mother alive. Phix revealed to Monica that Jin is older than the Mayan calendar, having snuck into the original Sun Stone room at 18 and never aging; the Calendar Machine later caused considerable trouble for both Jin and her mother.

Jin apparently is also the writer of the book, "Machine Before the Sun Stone[5]". She also had a romantic relationship with Monica's grandfather[6], Aaron Sullivan - several times[7], having to accept that she had to leave him if Monica was to be born; happily she's got another guy now, Alan[8].  She also was the one who appropriated the tapestry from Bud's storage area - and put the design on it onto her one-time friend Shelly. Recently went a little batty when Monica finally solved a problem that Jin had never been able to overcome in previous cycles of the Calendar Machine; she was talked down by Bud and Alan, although she once took out a wall in the ladies' bathroom of the Cerebrus Club. She's been part of some things much larger than most of the other cast members would believe.

With the Calendar Machine situation is dealt with, she has time to reconnect with her mother and settle in with Alan. Her more personal problems seem to be resolved now that Mayahuel and Bud have installed a "vimana cell" and updated her programming.

Jin is a primary cast member.