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This Chronology is an evolving timeline and assumes the reader is fully acquainted with the Wapsi Square comic storyline to date.

Readers who have not read the complete series are strongly advised against consulting this page, as due to its nature, no spoiler will be withheld.

Sources and methods[]

This timeline of the events on the world of Wapsi Square is compiled from three sources:

1) The Wapsi Square comic itself, presented in normal typeface.
2) Events from real world history, presented in boldface.
3) Events from real world myth and legend, and their approximate dates, presented in italics.

While the comic is authoritative in the events that happen in the world in which it takes place, not all characters are equally reliable or informed when describing events in the past.

Events without specific dates are marked with bullet points in their presumed chronological order.

Syncopation with the real world[]

Another issue is the pacing of the comic, which may not reflect the passing of time on a day-to-day equivalency with the real world from its beginning in 2001 to the present (2011). Thus, dates for the characters in the 1990s and later are estimated, based on best presented evidence.

Along these lines, the passage of seasons are noted with the date of the comic--not the storyline--in {fancy brackets}. The coming and going of Minnesota winters are a recurring joke in Wapsi Square, but match their passage in the real world without taking into account how this would affect the story arc if taken literally.



Approximate dates for the appearance of Homo sapiens sapiens. --Wikipedia, "Homo sapiens sapiens"

  • Demons arrive from the Demon World, itself a "timeless" place, in order to infest early humans.

Writing develops in this period to a degree of sophistication that draws the attention of the Library, a sentient dimension separate from Earth that collects all written material. Any one of the following may have been the catalyst for depositing works by humans into the Library:

Numerical tallies date as early as 40,000 BC --Wikipedia, "History of writing ancient numbers"
Wall paintings begin between 40,000-32,000 BC --Wikipedia, "Cave painting"

"Scholars make a reasonable distinction between prehistory and history of early writing, but have disagreed concerning when prehistory becomes history and when proto-writing became 'true writing'. The definition is largely subjective. Writing, in its most general terms, is a method of recording information and is composed of glyphs." --Wikipedia, "History of writing"

  • Therefore, the Library may notice humanity as early as sometime between 40,000 and 30,000 BC.
  • Discovering humans are infested with demons, the Library dispatches apotropaic sphinxes to destroy the demons. No mercy is required toward the afflicted humans.

Homo neanderthalensis, an illiterate species, goes extinct. (Remnants may survive as late as 22,000 BC.) --Wikipedia, "Neanderthal"


  • Jin is born to Mayahuel, a Lanthian scientist/magician.
  • Jin exhibits visions and/or mental displacement in time, which at some point involves demon infestation.
  • Mayahuel designs the Calendar Machine to tap into the power of the Milky Way's rotation in order to stabilize Jin's mind. When it begins functioning, everyone in the room with it becomes immortal (but not invulnerable). This includes Mayahuel, Jin and Kukulcan.
  • Acacia Budur, a Lanthian girl of Mediterranean descent, is captured by priests while fetching water for her family. Bud is brought with Brandi to a ziggurat in order to build the Chimera. Jin attempts to free them, but is caught, and attempts to kill herself before the three are immolated.

The Chimera is created. It slips the control of its makers, and burns Lanthian civilization to the ground.

  • Bia, Titan of Force, is on the Lanthian mainland, and is targeted by the Chimera for two direct blasts of fire, shocking her greatly. Charon, ferryman of Hades, guards her by physically interposing himself. He recounts to her a prophecy that Sibyl has told him, regarding a descendant of Bia's "who will set the Powers right".
  • Quite possibly subsequent to the Chimera's attack, Prometheus is punished for giving fire to mankind. Bia and her brother Kratos are sent by Zeus to bind Prometheus to Mount Kaukasos. --theoi.com, "Prometheus"

The Chimera alters the polarity of the Earth's axis.

  • The Great Sphinx of Giza is built as a warning and a reminder of the lost civilization of Lanthis.

c. 5200?
The adventurer Gisaultees flourishes.

c. 4400
Heyday of the Etheitians, a high human civilization commanding crystal and stargate technologies.

Brandi installs the last vimana cell and completes the World Grid, preventing "Titans and the Elder Gods from ever reaching Earth again". This triggered a VEI-7 eruption in Kikai Caldera (Wikipedia: "Kikai Caldera"), and violent storms and earthquakes the world over. Overlaps in the Grid create twelve vortices of greater permeation, such as the Bermuda Triangle. Brandi tricks the Etheitians into entering data crystals held under Mapimí, with imperfect results.

c. 3000
Lily and five other girls become stranded in the desert near Mesa Verde; Lily dies alone in a dust storm, and rises as a vampire.

Old Kingdom of Egypt: "name given to the period in the 3rd millennium BC when Egypt attained its first continuous peak of civilization" --Wikipedia "Old Kingdom of Egypt"

c. 1500-400
Olmec civilization flourishes. "Pre-Olmec cultures had flourished in the area since about 2500 BCE" --Wikipedia, "Olmec"

c. 1350
Bud does something to upset Amenhotep IV. --Wikipedia, "Akhenaten"

c. 1190?
Trojan War. The adventurer Odysseus flourishes. --Wikipedia, "Troy VIIa", and "Wilusa"

8th Century?
Nudge meets Oedipus of Thebes in the Library, and gives him a book to throw at Phix, who is guarding Thebes against humans carrying demons for one single day. Oedipus throws this book, containing Nudge's sentence of exile, at Phix, destroying it. Nudge escapes the Library, Phix is condemned to take her place there, and Oedipus embellishes his story.

c. 700
Earliest surviving written mention of Oedipus in Hesiod's Works and Days, as a king in a struggle against his two sons.

6th Century
The Iliad is compiled around this time, with the earliest surviving written mention of the Chimera: "a thing of immortal make, not human, lion-fronted and snake behind, a goat in the middle, and snorting out the breath of the terrible flame of bright fire". --Wikipedia, "Chimera (mythology)"

Plato's dialogues Timaeus and Critias are the earliest that describe Atlantis; Plato insists this knowledge comes from the Egyptians. --Wikipedia, "Atlantis"

Alexander the Great is born

Alexander becomes king of the Macedons

Appian Way paved between Rome and Capua

c. 100
Teotihuacán founded --Wikipedia, "Teotihuacan"


Wak Chan K’awiil, King "Double Bird", was defeated and sacrificed when Tikal’s neighbors overthrew him. --Wikipedia, "Tikal--Late Classic"

Approximate date to which the Calendar Machine resets the spacetime of the Milky Way, 56 times.
Before this date are events which are identical to all 57 iterations of Earth history, as they only occured once.
Following this date are listed events for the 57th iteration of Earth, in which the comic is set.
For chronology of the other 56 "reset" Earths, see Time Loop Chronology.

7th-8th Centuries
Teotihuacán abandoned after a series of uprisings; "the burning was limited to the structures and dwellings associated primarily with the elite class." --Wikipedia, "Teotihuacan"

Mayan city of Yaxchilan at its height. --Wikipedia, "Yaxchilan"

Vikings raid Ireland. --Wikipedia, "Viking expansion"

9th Century
Earliest texts which would become the Arabian Nights first recorded.

Norsemen may have explored Minnesota. --Wikipedia, "Kensington Runestone"

Aztec Sun Stone Calendar completed. --truman.edu via archive.org

16th Century
Bananas introduced to the Americas by Portuguese sailors who bring the fruits from West Africa. --Wikipedia, "Banana"

c. 1600
Tepoz "out for 400 years" beginning around here. Possibly meaning his being an unmoving statue.

17th-18th Century
The westward migrating Ojibwe name the Wapsipinicon River, Waabizipinikaan-ziibi ("river abundant in swan-potatoes"). --Wikipedia, "Wapsipinicon River"

The stories of Aladdin and Ali Baba are added to the Arabian Nights by Antoine Galland.
--Wikipedia, "Ali Baba" and "Antoine Galland"

May 11 Minnesota admitted into the United States as the 32nd state.

Suzy McBride is a vampire on the prowl.

Nikola Tesla begins construction of the Wardenclyffe Tower, a wireless communication and power broadcast station.

Wardenclyffe Tower destroyed on orders of the United States Government. -- Wikipedia, "Wardenclyffe Tower"


Earliest recounted incident of the 52 Pickup prank. --pagat.com

Monica's maternal grandfather, Aaron Sullivan serves in the European Theater of World War II as a motorcycle dispatch driver.

The U-296 retrieves the Lanthian Relic from Ireland. En route toward the Caribbean, a fight breaks out on board, and after the captain shoots the last of his crew, he turns the gun on himself. The submarine sinks in the Bermuda Triangle with the Relic.

  • Aaron Sullivan discovers the location of the Calendar Machine with his lover Jin, the "Golden-eyed Woman", and later records his adventures on reel-to-reel tapes.

November 17 RuPaul born.

The concept of Men In Black (MIB) is popularized in an essay by UFOlogist John Keel. He later hypothesizes that MIB are "ultraterrestrials", "shape-changing, non-human entities" not necessarily originating from space. --Wikipedia, "John Keel"

Part of Nicollet Ave. in Minneapolis is converted into Nicollet Mall --Wikipedia, "Nicollet Mall"

Lily Tomlin joins the cast of Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In. --Wikipedia, "Lily Tomlin"

July - An Athena test missile goes off course and crashes at Mapimí. --Wikipedia, "Mapimí Silent Zone"
This uncovers a room containing an infant, Katherine Gilchrist, who is rescued by the MIB and the USAF.

  • Bia has seven sons by Mr. Wahnee. Sometime in this period she crafts the four compressed diamond figurines for use in the Calendar ritual.

May - Orson Miller's aircraft crash lands in the Mapimí Desert, where he discovers a cave containing set of seven kachina.

December 11 Magnum, P.I. debuts on CBS. --Wikipedia, "Magnum, P.I."

  • Amanda Erlich born, possibly the same year as Monica.



November First Holidazzle Parade in Nicollet Mall --holidazzle.com

  • Monica tells her family about visiting her great-grandmother; her father tells her her great-grandmother has been dead for twelve years.
  • The reanimated Tina returns to Miami, where she has her face and teeth repaired and goes through the dead Tina's things.

December 1 HGTV network launches.

  • Monica gets Dietzel as a puppy. He is hit by a june bug while hanging his head out of a moving car's window.


January 20 Remains of the Day (1993) released on VHS.


(The "present" of Wapsi Square begins.)

September 11 The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants first published in hardback.

{December 26 Over the holidays, Monica has "come to terms with Winter in the Northern Midwest".}


{February 4 Monica warned of icy roads.}

February 5 Bridget Jones's Diary (2001) released on VHS.

{March 29 Monica surprised by a sudden Spring thunderstorm}

27-29 Tepoz probably is present to see the Utah Jazz lose two home games to the Sacramento Kings, knocking them out of the playoffs. --basketball-reference.com

August 20 Pretty In Pink (1986) first released on DVD.

  • Tepoz claims he must "return [Monica] a favor every solar year" or he will return to stone.

October 16 The modern Bibliotheca Alexandrina opens in Alexandria, Egypt.

{November 6 Janet needs help sifting through proposals for the Winter Gallery.}

{November 13 Monica considers catching the Autumn foliage in Virginia.}

"Ned Loses Another Loan to DiTech" TV commercials begin airing.

{April 2 Shelly finds the Minnesota weather is improving.}


{June 4 Owen appreciates Lakshmi in the Springtime.}

October 6 Ghost Hunters TV series debuts.

{December 28 Tina accidentally puts egg nog into Monica's coffee.}


{October 17 Kevin mistakes the Golem Girls' ashes for a Halloween decoration.}

  • It is almost ten years since Shelly went on her vision quest, when Tepoz reveals what he knows about Tochtli and Monica's bus accident in Mexico. This means that here, Shelly is either twenty-two or twenty-three years old.


{March 13 Monica likes Minneapolis in the Spring.}

{May 16 Shelly has experienced cold Spring cuddle weather}

{2006 October 2 Shelly looks forward to Fall weather.}

Shelly uses her artificial Christmas tree for the last time.


February 12-14 The Valentine's Day Blizzard buries upstate New York. --Wikipedia, "February 2007 North America blizzard"

March 9 "300" starring Gerard Butler opens in theatres

{2007 October 18 Monica suddenly buried by snow.}

Around this time, Shelly sees Justin directing traffic at Holidazzle, and learns he is a cop.

Shelly decides to buy a real tree for Christmas.


Shelly resolves to become a personal trainer as a new year's resolution.

July 10 Apple launches the App Store --Wikipedia, "App Store (iOS)"

  • Kevin and Bud independently, and almost simultaneously, come to the conclusion that there is no need to wait for 2012 to fix the Calendar Machine.
  • Brandi meets Tina, sees her clock key and discovers the blade it conceals. Tina gives her the bladed part.


October 2 Stargate SGU premieres

{2010 March 4 - Shelly warns Winter its days are numbered, and slips on ice}

{2010 November 15 - Monica surprised by snow.}

{2011 March 11 - Monica struck by snow.}

{2011 December 7 - Monica is convinced she is safe from a sneak attack by snow, since it is already Winter.}


January 1? Shelly gets into a drunken bar fight with racists.

  • Monica takes Tina to meet Lydia, and they encounter Lydia's mentor's elite bra ninjas.
  • Tsillah introduces herself to Pratt and McBride, and inducts them into the MIB.

December 21 End of Mayan Long Count. 13th Bak'tun begins. --mayan-calendar.com


August 1 Marriage Equality comes into effect in Minnesota.