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Phix explains how Nudge came to the library, with commentary and horseshoe.

The Bibliothiki, or the One Library, is a nigh-indestructible repository of all written works from every possible universe. Located in Limbo, it also acts as "a sentient portal that allows passage to those with good intentions"[1] across interdimensional boundaries. The current librarians are Phix and Nudge[2].

Properties of the Library[]


The Bibliothiki does not like being empty and there must be a Librarian in residence at all times. This has been hard on Phix, who's been the Librarian for over 80,000 years of subjective time with only a few chances to get out to Earth or the Time Forest. Now that Nudge is back in the Library Phix can get out and about more.

One unusual job perq is that Phix may not be harmed when in the Library - as far as we know by anything. This protection may now extend to Nudge as well but it's hard to tell; she's pretty rugged anyway.

Physical and metaphysical properties[]

Bibliothiki most notable function is the collection of all written knowledge. It's picky and just collects writing not pictures, audio recordings, or computer software. Anything created within the Library's parameters is manifest in an indestructible copy within the Library upon creation in the outside world. Books may be 'checked out,' but the traveling copies are not indestructible, and no harm to them while outside affects the Library's archive.

Situated in Limbo, the Bibliothiki does not reckon the passage of time identically to the dimensions with which it connects. During the Time Loop era of Earth caused by the broken Calendar Machine, Head Librarian Phix experienced visitors from all 57 loops in sequence, while beings on or born to Earth were generally reset without memories (cf. Jin).

Moral and ethical views[]

The Library, both independently and through its Librarians, makes assessments as to the behavior of its visitors and borrowers, and makes judgements as to whether they deserve access to its portals and knowledge. Users may be guided[3] into correct behavior.


There are many doors to the library. Some patrons use this for transportation, going in one and coming out another that might be many miles away from the first. There are at least two in Minneapolis, one into an annex near Stevens Square Park[4] and an another in an alley behind the Chino Latino restaurant on Hennepin[5].