Acacia "Bud" Budur - "Oh, double crud."

Acacia "Bud" Budur is one of the three Golem Girls; she is now an individual again - but still incredibly powerful.

"Bud" (as she prefers to be called) was a young and innocent girl, until she was unwillingly made part of the Chimera. She remains young and (relatively) innocent as long as she is able to keep the horrible memories away. She is now employed as a dance instructor at a dance studio in Minneapolis.

She can breathe fire or transform into a huge goat-like creature if she wishes, and has a "storage door" in her torso - the only one of the three to show that power. She has hinted that she is from the Mediterranean area (and apparently has an accent from that area). She has a habit of being caught half-naked in front of people - and has a halitosis problem that can't be solved without help from a halon-gas fire extinguisher. She and Brandi currently live in a small apartment not far from Mucho Mocha[1]; Jin has her own place.

She was given a magical long-distance-travel tapestry for safekeeping in her "storage door" by Tepoz (unbeknownst to her); he made her believe that it was Monica who gave her the blanket. Brandi observed that it was no longer there - because it was taken by Jin, who later turned it into a tattoo on Shelly's front torso; said tattoo since destroyed by Bud.  The tapestry story arc appears resolved along with the other Calendar Machine problems.

During her adventures in modern Minneapolis she encountered a cute police officer[2], not immediately knowing that Shelly knew the same fellow. She's also eyed Monica's boyfriend Kevin but kept her hands to herself, mostly; over the years she's teased him, taught him to dance[3], and comforted him when he was down.

On a day off[4] Bud discovered, apparently by chance, the Vimana Cell[5] that featured in significant events in both Shelly and Jin's lives.

Bud was the fourth sculpture for sale at the Patch Together website - a website that allows artists to create 3-D images of their characters "on demand". She is primary cast member (listed on the main Wapsi Square cast page).